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OK, we did this already….when we moved from the Wash Park house to Jeff Park!  It was not fun….but we got it done.  Downsizing is a lot harder for me than it is for Kathy.  German girls learn to throw “stuff” away at a very early age.  It’s in the blood!  Me, I’m Irish so….not so much.  A letter my dad sent me when I was stationed overseas or a beer coaster from October Fest in Munich….these are all important and should never be just thrown away!

I have given many of my clients and friends advice on moving and downsizing….way before I needed to do it myself…so knowledgeable!  I had no idea the pain and agony of downsizing!  You find so many things that you have saved for YEARS!  Now you need to toss it.

This time around, in order to save our sanity, we are using Cathy and Pat from Moves With a Heart .   These wonderful ladies really make downsizing and moving soooooo much easier!