About Us

Kelly & Brookes HeadshotIf you’re fortunate, everything you’ve done in the past has naturally progressed to what you do now. Kelly Bailey is one of those people.

His experience as a community leader, business person and problem-solver have been perfect pre-requisites for his role as a realtor. He’s lived here all his life, so he cares about Colorado. He’s been a business man and the president of a seven-store retail operation, so he knows about how to create wealth and preserve value. He’s been a leader of business groups, such as the Cherry Creek Chamber of Commerce, so he knows about what’s needed for vital communities. He’s been instrumental in helping kids learn about business through the Distributive Education Program, so he knows about how important it is to give back to his community. And he’s been married for 40 years, so he knows about commitment!

Kelly combines an easy going personal style with an acute and wide-ranging knowledge of Denver’s neighborhoods, the real estate market and the opportunities (and threats) in all the various kinds of real-estate finance. You won’t see Kelly’s face on your supermarket cart or on a bus-stop bench because he doesn’t advertise. Instead, he relies on the people he’s worked with to tell their friends about him – and it tells you something that this approach has worked for him for his 12 years in real estate.

On a personal note, Kelly is a Denver native. He and his wife, Kathy, have lived in the same Denver Square in Wash Park for 38 years. They have a daughter, Brooke and an Australian Sheppard, Phani, both of whom live outside the house. Although he has helped clients buy and sell real estate all over the state, Kelly’s favorite real estate is golf courses. He tries to play at least once a week during the season and he hopes to break par at least once during his lifetime.