Brooke and I have occasion to use many contractors and suppliers.  Many of these are men and women who have done excellent work for our clients.  In most case, we have a group of excellent contractors that we refer repeatedly because we know we can depend on getting the best work from these individuals.  From time to time I would like to tell you about some of these individuals who we consider the BEST OF THE BEST.


Brad is one of our outstanding contractors.  Brad is a handyman that we have used for several years.  He has done work for Kathy and me personally and also for Brooke.  We have recommended Brad to many of our clients and have had nothing but rave reviews.  He can tackle most jobs in your house and his pricing is very fair.  Brad can be reached on his mobile  (720) 436-7921.

I saw this sign recently:

On a Plumber’s  truck: 
“We repair what your husband fixed.” 

 Before that happens to you, check out our referral directory.  All of the contractors and suppliers in our directory are individuals or businesses that our clients have used and recommended.  Here is the link: